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Family Law Attorney Serving Dallas TX

Under the compassionate, resourceful and aggressive direction of John P. McCall Jr., his law firm has earned a reputation among peers for providing strong and efficient representation to all of our clients including members of the gay and lesbian community. We are readily able to represent clients in both simple divorces and complex divorces involving extensive assets, child custody, child support, order enforcement and probate. Whatever your situation, our family law and divorce attorney, John P. McCall, Jr., will listen to your needs and fully address your concerns. When it comes to protecting yourself and your family you want an expert who has built their entire legal career around the complexities of family law.

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How do you choose a family law attorney?

In Texas, you have a nearly endless choice of lawyers to choose from. You may relate with many of our  clients’ sentiment that it’s hard to tell who to trust your legal matter with. How do you choose a family law attorney that’s right for you? The first step is to identify exactly what type of legal problem you are having so you can look for a lawyer with relevant experience and expertise. You should always meet with more than one divorce or family law attorney before settling on who to represent you. You should always ask the attorney you are meeting with if they are going to be the one handling your case. Many people today are choosing to go with smaller, boutique law firms or with a sole practitioner to avoid the experience of being drawn into a firm because of the partner attorney on the billboard only to have their case passed off to an associate attorney. Your relationship should be with the lawyer. Not the law firm. 

Family law Consultaion in Dallas TX
Find an attorney that you like.

You will have to think of you attorney like your partner throughout your case. You will most likely have to disclose things about your life or lifestyle that you wouldn’t want to tell anyone. Working with a lawyer that understands where you’re coming from makes this a lot easier. When you are feeling distressed and looking for help immediately it is tempting to grab on to the first hand that’s extended. But choosing a lawyer based on the name of the law firm or just based of the firm’s website is not a wise path. Meet with every attorney you are considering to represent you. Even if you are not a legal expert, you will get a sense of that lawyer’s personality, knowledge and experience that will go a long way in determining your compatibility. Do not overlook this step. Making a hasty decision and then trying to change your attorney is costly, both to your wallet and your case. 

Look for communication and promptness.

Ask how long it will take them to respond to your questions and when they are available to talk to their clients. If your attorney isn’t diligent about staying in contact with clients or they have taken on too many clients at once and you are getting lost in the shuffle you will get frustrated very quickly. 

Can this attorney work within my budget?

Most legal professionals, family law attorney’s especially, are used to talking money and budgets upfront. It is vital that you make it to the end of your case without completely draining your bank account. Family law can get very complicated very quickly with new obstacles sometimes appearing out of nowhere.  An experienced attorney will have a good understanding of those potential obstacles and give you an idea how much the whole thing is going to cost you. Do not write your attorney a blank check. 

Can this attorney both settle and litigate?

A great Dallas county family law attorney will be able to settle most cases out of court with a mutually beneficial agreement. In fact, the more experience fighting in court, the easier it is for them to negotiate a settlement as the other side’s counsel will not want to risk it in court. You need a family lawyer who can do both. Be sure to ask how many cases have been settled and how many went to court and how they worked out. It’s OK to ask your lawyer for their resume. 

Experience and Expertise from Your Family Lawyer

Most family law cases are settled out of court. If there is conflict on the facts there may be litigation. You need an attorney who is skillful at meditation, collaborating and resolving disagreements to reach a settlement and, if those efforts fail, equally comfortable assertively protecting you interests in the courtroom. 

Family law issues are delicate and will take time and a steady hand to be resolved. Every family and every case is unique.  As cases progress, the plans and goals that you had will change. You will need an attorney that has experience with a variety of approaches and strategies that will work for you. 

Our Family Law Practice Philosophy

Concern on personal level

By keeping a small case load you will get dedicated, personal attention. 


Upfront Expectations

A family law attorney who will educate you about your situation instead of just telling you what to do. 


Strong Reputation

Hiring a highly skilled family law attorney will motivate the other side to settle quickly. 

Proven Track Record

John P. McCall Jr. has a fantastic record of settling when it’s smart and winning in court when it counts

Diverse Experience

Unlike most other attorneys in Dallas, Mr. McCall also serves as a Justice of the Peace in Dallas. 

Prompt Response Time

Get direct access to your legal counsel by text, phone or email. 

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Why Choose Us

The Law Offices of John P. McCall Jr. in Dallas Texas is the partner you want on your team to help you navigate through life’s difficult times with life’s most difficult people: family. Divorce is never fun, but there is no reason it should be totally devastating. With a highly skilled divorce attorney, it doesn’t have to be. Imagine the relief you will feel when you have an attorney who will swiftly negotiate your divorce settlement while simultaneously laying the foundation for a successful child custody and child support agreements that are soon to follow. 

Common Family Law Questions:

What’s the difference between a family lawyer and a divorce attorney?

A divorce lawyer is a family law attorney who focuses most of their work on divorce. Most family lawyers handle divorce but an attorney who advertises as a family lawyer usually does other work aside from divorces. 

What does a family law attorney do?

Family law attorneys specialize in areas of law that have to do with disputes between family members. Some of the most common types of cases include divorce, child support, visitation, custody, legal separation and adoption.  Further, there are attorneys who specialize solely on one of these aspects of family law. However since most family law disputes are intertwined most family law attorneys will have experience in most, if not all of these areas. 

What is Family Law?

There are certain services that everyone is going to need at some point in their life. At some point, everybody is going to need a great lawyer. The law is so complicated that no one attorney can be an expert in everything. Just the same way that if your transmission goes out in your car you wouldn’t take it in to a tire shop, you’d take it to a transmission shop. While they are both “mechanics” only one will know how to fix your car. The Law Offices of John P. McCall Jr. is the place you go in the Dallas-Fort Worth are when you have a legal problem in the family law area. 

Family law focuses on legal issues involving relationships and family like divorce, adoption, probate, paternity, child support and custody.  Family law is important because it lays out the responsibilities and the framework for families and it’s members so that all parties are treated fairly in disputes.  While most family law cases stem from divorce, things like adoption, emancipation, or paternity, which don’t stem from divorce, are considered family law.

Family Lawyers can also help with changes to existing arrangments that fit your current circumstances after your matter has already gone through the courts. We can help you modify a child support order, change your custody and visitation schedules, or modify a divorce decree if it possible. 

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