Divorce Order Modification


How to Get a Post-Divorce Modification in Texas

Broken family after a bitter divorce settlement and separation with a couple in a bad relationship breaking a house apart showing the concept of a marriage dispute and dividing assets with 3D illustration elements.When a divorce decree is finalized by a judge, the terms of the agreements are structured to satisfy both parties according to their circumstances at the time. Circumstances often change. If your income, or ability to meet the terms of your divorce decree changes it is critical that you talk to a Dallas divorce lawyer to seek a modification of that divorce decree. Under Texas law, being unable to comply with an order does not excuse your responsibility to comply with it which makes it so very important that you modify the divorce order before that is the case. In these cases we will need to provide substantive proof of change to your circumstances like a loss of a job, reduction of income, or if you’ve become disabled. 

Life is always changing and throwing us curve balls. That is why the original divorce decree may have suited the needs of you and your children before but circumstances like income, health, age or disability can change and some areas of your divorce arrangement will have to change as well. It’s vitally important that your divorce is modified to reflect your current situation before that situation makes you unable to comply with your current effective divorce decree. It is common to seek modification on child support, custody and spousal maintenance.

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