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Our founding attorney, John P. McCall Jr. believes every family is unique, special, and deserves access to excellent legal representation regardless of their sexual or gender orientation. Having taken special interest in the rights of the LGBTQ community in Dallas, John McCall has become a leading authority  in the areas of gay separation, same-sex child custody, same-sex divorcesame-sex adoption and has represented countless LGBTQ clients in dissolution actions involving property, investments, retirement accounts and property division.
LGBTQ family law evolves and changes quickly in the fight or equality.  There is a litany of blogs and other material online to educate yourself on your rights but it is critical that you engage a knowledgeable and experienced LGBTQ family lawyer that stays up to date on the relevant issues and subtle changes in this challenging area of law and how they play out in real court setting, in real life, today.
The Law Offices of John P. McCall Jr. is a proud member of the Dallas LGBTQ Bar Association, has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, quoted in several other legal journals and frequently offers insight to other lawyers and judges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you need legal guidance for any gay, lesbian or LGBTQ family law matter contact the Law Offices of John P. McCall Jr. as soon as possible to schedule and appointment. Attorney John P. McCall Jr. is committed to being the best family lawyer for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community in Dallas. 

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LGBTQ Family Law Legal Assistance​

Even though there is no question now about the legality of same-sex marriage in Texas, the processes of family law disputes do regularly raise legal questions that may be difficult to resolve until the Texas Civil Code is rewritten and clarified. Gay and lesbian couples in Dallas going through a divorce may end up in court debating child custody, child support, property division, spousal maintenance, entitlement to retirement accounts and the list goes on. The challenge lies in determining which laws apply to same-sex marriage. In theory, with the legalization of same-sex marriage, all of the same laws that govern opposite-sex family law matters should apply but that concept is still being tested in court to this day. If you need help with your same-sex marriage or LGBT family law  matter it is crucial that you work with an attorney that stays up to date with this complex and constantly evolving area of law.

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When you are looking for a gay friendly family law attorney it is important to choose one that can empathize with your situation. What is even better is working with an attorney that understands first-hand the unique challenges that the LGBT community faces when seeking fair and equal representation. John P. McCall Jr. begin practicing family law over 20 years ago in Dallas with a focus on serving the gay and lesbian community. Because of his service to this community he was featured in The Wall Street Journal as early as 2008 in an article discussing gay marriage and divorce. As a member of the Dallas LGBT Bar Association he has a long history of fighting and winning hard battles in the courtroom for his clients. He has been in the trenches advocating for equal treatment under the law and has represented several clients who’s sexuality was used against them by an ex spouse and through these cases has been a pioneer in shifting the narrative in Texas to one where “judges evaluate gay parents on how they care for their children, instead of basing decisions on their sexuality.” -Dallas Voice, 2013
In an effort to greater serve his community in 2016 Mr. McCall accepted an appointment to Justice of the Peace in Precinct 5, Place 1.  ​

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