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How to Send Your Documents

If you have access to a fax machine, go ahead and fax the requested documents to 214-942-9900. Otherwise use these alternate methods to supply your documents.

If you already have your documents in PDF format on your PC or mobile phone:
Email them as an attachment to: [email protected]

If you DO NOT have a digital copy of your documents and you also don’t have ready access to a scanner:

Step 1: Don’t worry, only lawyers and pharmacists still have a fax machine at home. It’s really easy to work around. You will need a document scanning app for your smart phone. There are lots of options, we recommend Microsoft Office Lens because it’s very simple, reliable, and free. 

Step 2: After you have downloaded the app you may be prompted to create a Microsoft account. That’s optional. 
Step 3: On a flat surface with good lighting and no glare, hold your phone 1 foot above the 1st page of the document, aiming your camera straight down. Try to fill most of the screen with the document but also be aware of the red borders that the app will display around the page. Make sure the app is recognizing the entire page. 

Photo Sep 19 2 45 57 AM
Photo Sep 19 2 46 52 AM


​​ After the first page, you must tap on the “Add” button on the bottom left so that the next image you take will be added to the same file. 

Step 5: Once you have scanned the last page of your document tap “Done”, export to PDF, and then tap the share icon on the top right of the screen. (may be in a different location on Android)
Step 6: Once you’ve tapped the share icon select your email app of choice and send it to [email protected]

Photo Sep 19 2 49 59 AM
Photo Sep 19 2 50 20 AM
Photo Sep 19 2 51 21 AM

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