Modify Child Support Orders


Child Support Order Modifications

While the specifics of Texas law regarding child support and custody will be modified or updated from time to time, the circumstances of the people that those laws affect is dynamic and constantly changing. Oftentimes, even if both parents, or other interested parties, reach a mutually beneficial arrangement through mediation or alternative dispute resolution at the time, with change, there will be a need to modify that arrangement to meet the current circumstances.  Any child support or child custody modification must be taken to court and approved by a judge in the appropriate county to be valid. Our founding attorney, John P. McCall Jr. is highly experienced in handling cases involving parenting plans, residential schedules, and child custody and understands that these are very emotionally charged situations that may have profound consequences to his clients and their children. If you are thinking about filing for, or have been served papers, regarding a divorce a parenting plan modification, paternity, a change of conservatorship, don’t go it alone, call our office today request a free child support consultation.

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