Child Custody Order Modifications


Modify Your Child Custody Schedule

Changing the terms of your child custody arrangment is not a difficult process in Dallas and other Texas counties. However, it is vital that it done in court and all parties follow the letter of the law during the modification process. Working with an attorney with the experience to know where the common pitfalls arise will make sure that you are not held in contempt of court for violating the custody orders that are already in place. 

One of the most damaging mistakes that people can make is to make verbal agreements that are contrary to the existing court order. For example changes to pick-up times or locations, possesion days, switching possession on certain holidays or weekend, and going on “unplanned” vacations.  If you do not follow the stated custody schedule exactly as described in your order you can be held in contempt and that may affect your rights in the future. 
The best course of action is to seek a legal modification of your current custody arrangement that reflects your needs as soon as possible after your circumstances change. 

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